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LSG A 30 v 2 Cinamon Brow C


Spinners Mill is a new and welcome addition to the Warrington League list of home venues this season.


LSG have two teams in Div2 in their inaugural season and the LSG A team we’re playing the Cinamon Brow C team. There is an alphabetical clue as to who starts favourites. Unless of course the ‘A’ stands for Average ... alas it does not.


Wayne Nolan ... the peripatetic wiff-waffer was playing for Cinamon Brow and he was quickly done and dusted by Amos Brearly in three succinct sets.  When Minh Le did pretty much the same to Umpire Goulden it was plain to see that the ‘A’ had real significance. 


Next up for The A Team was Wing-Span Nev ... he took to the table and walloped the Cinamon Scamperer in the first ... it was following the established script ... a gallant second set won by Scamperer by the 1980’s score line of 21-19 put a point on the board for C/Brow. But it was like watching a cat play with a mouse ... Wing-Span Nev being the cat, of course ... he eventually dispatched the mouse painlessly in the fifth.  It was 9-2 to LSG A after the first three and the rest of the proceedings were a formality. 


It was a tough night for Cinamon Brow, who became Furrowed Brow as the night wore on. Peripatetic Nolan was more like Peripathetic Nolan, Umpire Goulden’s finest moments were when he was sat in the chair umpiring and Scamperer’s scampering were largely pointless, literally.


The LSG boys (AKA The Smiling Assasins) won with relative ease, final score 30-2.  To be fair it was a fun night, with Lee ‘Pugwash’ Smith and Galeforce Garfin enjoying the show from the sidelines.


Spinners Mill is a hive of activity nowadays ... just along the corridor were the Ju Jitsu fighters, next to them was the dance class, adjoining them was the Cheer Leaders class ... and not forgetting the 30 players from LSG in the next room who were training to become the next Peter Ainsworth or Nev Patterson.


Mayor Andy Burnham was on Radio Manchester talking about the match and he had this to say “A little known fact about Spinners Mill is that heat generated by the activity on the second floor is fed into the National Grid ... and one day this may be the answer to our global warming problems”.  I think he may have something there.

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