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It's with great sadness our dear colleague, club member & team Captain Richard Reading passed away this morning 2nd October at 7-45 am, he was admitted to the hospital last week where he was cared for right up until the very end. 

Richard will be sadly missed by all, our thoughts and prayers are with Ed and all his family at this challenging time. 

Anyone wishing to attend Richard Readings funeral, it will be held on Friday 16th October at 12 noon at Howe Bridge Crematorium. There will be a maximum of 30 allowed in side hopefully the service will be broadcast outside.

Ed as requested that donations to be made to Cancer Research or Christies hospital,

No play at the mill

The LSG TT Club have recently been advised that the Leigh Spinners Milll have received notification to state that certain sections of the Mill can reopen to the general public.
We are of the understanding that there are certain units on the second & third floor that will be allowed to reopen to accommodate users whose units meet the Fire Safety parameters. Unfortunately our unit on the second floor does NOT comply with the necessary Fire Safety Regulations and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. All units on the fourth & fifth floor will remain closed.

In order for our members to understand and appreciate the seriousness of the situation, we are advised that the work required to meet the required Fire Standards for our unit will take months rather than weeks to complete, with no completion date stated.

It is with sadness that we make this brief report to all our members both young and old alike, but this is the current status at the Mill as we understand it.

We will endeavour to keep all members in the loop on the club website should any further developments change from the current position. For members information, we are currently in the process of attempting to source different premises in order to provide members with practice facilities.

It's with great sadness our very good friend and club member Martin Machin passed away at St Roccos Hospice on Saturday 28th March.

Martin will be sadly missed by all our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this testing time.

Coronavirus advice for clubs and leagues


Following the latest advice from the Government, Table Tennis England has cancelled all sanctioned events on the Table Tennis England calendar with immediate effect until April 30th.


We also strongly recommend that local leagues and clubs suspend activity for the foreseeable future in line with Government advice to restrict all non-essential social contact.


We acknowledge that the cancellation of domestic competitions and gatherings will impact greatly on the table tennis community but we are all in uncertain times together and we must put the health and safety of our families and communities first.


Below are some of the key links to make sure you are able to keep up to date with the latest information. This includes the latest Table Tennis England and Sport England statements, as well as Government advice.



We understand that there could be a significant impact for some clubs and we will obviously look to support clubs wherever possible through these challenging circumstances.


If you have concerns for your club, please get in touch with us and let us know the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your email

  • Your club's name

  • How the Coronavirus is impacting or will/could impact your club

  • The type of support that could be beneficial

  • The level of concern you currently have (high, medium or low)


Please send your information to


During these difficult times, please remember to check in with fellow club members and support each other as much as possible, within Government advice, and particularly look out for those who may experience feelings of isolation.



Thank you letter for the session Chris and Adam Davies did on Monday 17th Feb 2020

TTkidz for 7-11 year old is under way and on

the evidence of the first two weeks a great  success.

A big thank you to everyone who are involved in this project.

Thank you note Xmas Handicap KO

Hi Chris,

I really enjoyed my day playing in the competition. It wasn't  about winning, it was about getting involved. Apart from some of the Wigan league players and yourself I knew little of the other members.


What a nice group of people, young, old, social players, even the people there just to help in some way. I had some interesting talks with players all enjoying their table tennis, irrespective  of  their levels and abilities.


What came across was this is a great club of mixed age groups, male, female players all striving to improve...... what a nice atmosphere.


I was very privileged  that day to be allowed to play with a great group of people.


Chris, keep up the good work, it's  an amazing club.


Mick Winder ("Topspin")


Ps. Thank the ladies for the food, it was fabulous.

Christmas Handicap was won by Peter Ainsworth beating Malcolm Rumsey in an excellent final 22 - 19.

Peter handicapped zero pulled through some tight matches to claim the shield for the second time.

The first Junior/Parent Christmas tournament also produced some great TT with Prateek beating Gary in the final 11 - 8 to take the trophy, to keep it in the family son Karan won best placed Junior losing in the semi's.

AGM 2019

Leigh St. George Table Tennis Club AGM

Held 7.30 pm 14th August 2019 at Leigh Miners Welfare Club


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting with 30 members present, there was one apology.

The following committee was appointed,

C Garfin                           Chairman

Peter Ainsworth            Vice Chairman

Gary Chadwick             Secretary

Gill Bannister                 Treasurer

David Haines                 Welfare Officer

David Hollingsworth    Seniors Co-ordinator

Adam Davies                 Youth Rep’  

David Mawdesley        Webmaster

Kevin Meredith             Press Officer

Geoff Hayes                  Rules/Umpire

Peter Libbey                 Sponsorship

Neil Sunderland           Support Sponsorship

Scott Crielly                  Level 2 Coach


2019/2020 Membership Fees

The following fees were approved commencing 1 September 2019.

Adult full Playing Member     £68

Junior full Playing Member     £50  

Senior Membership £50

Training Sessions for non-club members at the Mill £2 per session.

Training sessions for members are free, but any voluntary donations would be appreciated.

It was noted that the fees for TTE remained at £16 and £8 for juniors, an additional cost of £7 was necessary to maintain the TT365 website for all league clubs, these costs are included in the member’s annual fees.

Treasurers Report.

The balance sheet provided showed a Bank balance of £4494.01 and cash in hand of £139.07, it was explained by the Treasurer that there had been further transactions since the report and that approximately £1500 would be taken from the account, a final balance sheet for end of year 31 August 2019 would be available soon for inspection. A query was raised regarding the figure for Age Concern of income and expenditure of £1319.83, it was explained that this was the Grant from Age Concern for the new match tables for use at the Mill. The Treasurer promoted all members to join the Easy Fundraising website were the club would  receive a small percentage of the total cost spent by Members, this would provide the club with additional income without any effort,  the Treasurer was thanked for the report.

Wigan and District Table Tennis League Re-Organisation for Season 2019/2020

It was explained by the Chairman to the members that the League had re-formulated into a Premier division and three other divisions, as opposed to the three divisions of last season. Each division would consist of eight clubs who would play against each other three times during the season that would commence on 16 September 2019. The season would be slightly shorter but would be complimented by a Cup competition subject to approval by the League.

The LSG Club would be represented as follows in the new League structure.

Premier          Saints

Div.1               Titans and Dragons

Div. 2              Slayers and Knights

Div. 3              Crusaders and Raiders

The Chairman went on to name the players in each team and answered queries that arose from these changes with the majority of members in agreement with the new league set up.

All matches will be played at the Leigh Miners with Saints/Raiders, Dragons/Crusaders and playing home fixtures on Monday evenings with Titans/Slayers and Knights playing on Wednesday evenings.

It was noted that a new League rule change will be in operation this season, this allows each team to postpone one fixture when in agreement with the opposing captain without permission from the League but it is essential that the home captain contact D Mawdesley to record the postponement.

As in previous seasons members were informed that they could access scorecards and league tables etc. onTT365 website with all club Captains for the season having approved permission for telephone details to be included on the website.

Warrington League

The club have decided to register two teams, LSG A and LSG B, to in play in the Warrington League this season, with one team in each of the divisions, Div. 1 having 12 teams and Div. 2, having 11 teams, it is the intention for the club to field an additional team in the Div. 2 after Christmas, this being made up hopefully from our more advanced Senior members to allow each division to have the same number of teams. The season commences on the 23 September 2019 with all home games being played at the Mill on Thursday evenings, members were requested to contact the Team Captains Lee Smith and Neil Sunderland if they wished to play, and there is no maximum number of players that can be registered in any team.


LSG Seniors Group

Another successful year was reported with further new members welcomed into the group, which averages between 25/28 in attendance each week every Thursday between 1.0pm and 3.0pm. Thanks were expressed to club playing members who attend the sessions and help with the organisation/coaching of members. The group has light refreshment in the mid-session interval and good fellowship is had by all. It is an inclusive group and growing, we now have two members who play from wheel chairs .The Seniors moved from the Leigh Miners to the Mill at the beginning of April this year and have quickly settled in at the new venue that allows all present to play simultaneously without the need to wait for an available table as was the case at the Miners.



The Junior Section is going well with 6 under 11’s attending for coaching each week, they are all attaining a good standard and all enjoyed a recently held Mini Tournament to showcase their new skills. Additionally, there are a further 4 juniors in development complimented by our first disabled junior who is enjoying developing his skills.

The club has plans to contact local schools in order to set up a local schools league, a competition to be held at the Mill. A request was made from the Chairman for more volunteers to help with this ever growing section of the club, the club will reap the benefits of the effort of volunteers who can dedicate time to our young members.


Training Update

The members were informed of the training/coaching days and times at the Mill, these were as follows.

Juniors:  Monday: Beginners 6.30pm - 7.30pm. Intermediate/Advanced 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Adults: Monday:  1.00pm – 3.00pm Seniors

Adults: Tuesday: 6.30pm – 9.00pm Beginners/Intermediate

Ladies: Wednesday: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Seniors: Thursday: 1.00pm – 3,00pm

Adults: Thursday: 6.45pm – 9.00pm Intermediate/Advanced

Parent and Child:  Saturday 9.30am – 11.30am

From 1 September there will be individual and team training, these will be specifically structured via planned timescales by the clubs coaches to suit the particular needs/skill set of the members who attend the sessions.

Sponsors Day

The club is to organise a Sponsor Day on 7 September 2019 at 11.00am inviting all current and potential sponsors to view the now completed training and match room’s facilities and to see how their contributions to the club have enhanced the club development. The Chairman requested all members to attend in kit to showcase their skills during this event so to encourage further sponsorship in November when the current contracts expire. Light refreshments will be provided during the event.


There were a number of items raised; briefly these were brought up as follows:

A job list will be provided with specific jobs for members to volunteer and to spread the work load more evenly across the club, members were encouraged to sign up to do jobs.

At Leigh Spinning Gate Shopping Mall a “ Ping Pong Parlour “ is being set up with 3 tables at the former Argos outlet, club members were encouraged to support this venture by the local community.

Club Tee shirts will shortly be for sale at a cost of £7, purchase at the Mill.

Good housekeeping at the Mill, all members were asked to ensure when leaving the building all areas are left clean and tidy and in readiness for the next session, especially around the robot and serving area.

Disabled parking availability of spaces was sometimes was problem.

Coaching badges, this will be followed up with Andrea Holt for accreditation.

The Robot has now been returned after repair, certain members will be identified who can operate this device and will be provided with training re operation to ensure a recurrence of the problem.

The Chairman and Gary Chadwick were thanked on behalf of Bedford Hall Primary School for organising two consecutive Friday afternoons to show 30 + Year 6 children how to play the game.

A vote of thanks was passed by the meeting to club chairman Chris Garfin for the work done on behalf of the club for the past twelve months.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm


K Meredith

15 August 2019


TTE have today updated their guidance, in line with GOV.UK restrictions :

- over 18s in a Tier 2 area may only play indoor sport with a member of their own household or support bubble

- Local Leagues cannot take place in Tier 2 areas at this time