Very Sad News

Martin Machin ( Scamperer) sadly passed away last night at the age of 64. A LSG member and very close friend.

I've been for a long walk to gather my thoughts and decided to share Martin's last email to me and my reply. No need to say anything else.

Hi Chris

Got confirmation @ Christie On Friday. I’m afraid that it’s time up. It’s spread too far too fast.

It’s straight out of here to the St Roccos Hospice. Can you let people know as you bump into them please Chris.

I’ve always loved going to LSG .. everyone is welcoming .. I’ve got a couple of old bats they will do for new starters and a few kits as well ... I’d like you guys to have them.

Cheers mate. Much love. MM

Absolutely devastated pal you've hit me for six this morning. I'm crap with words as you know, all I can say it's been a great pleasure knowing you and wish it could last. I would be proud for LSG to reuse bats etc.

I'm in tears typing this which in its self is very rare. Give my love to you and all your family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers always.

So sorry mate, Scramperer will be missed.

Chris Galeforce Garfin


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