TT at the mill

No play at the mill

The LSG TT Club have recently been advised that the Leigh Spinners Milll have received notification to state that certain sections of the Mill can reopen to the general public. We are of the understanding that there are certain units on the second & third floor that will be allowed to reopen to accommodate users whose units meet the Fire Safety parameters. Unfortunately our unit on the second floor does NOT comply with the necessary Fire Safety Regulations and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. All units on the fourth & fifth floor will remain closed. In order for our members to understand and appreciate the seriousness of the situation, we are advised that the work required to meet the required Fire Standards for our unit will take months rather than weeks to complete, with no completion date stated. It is with sadness that we make this brief report to all our members both young and old alike, but this is the current status at the Mill as we understand it. We will endeavour to keep all members in the loop on the club website should any further developments change from the current position. For members information, we are currently in the process of attempting to source temporary premises in order to provide members with practice facilities.

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