Tale of 2020

The year 2020 started really well with all our teams doing really well, especially in the first year of the Warrington League. LSG A winning division 2 and LSG B winning division 3 and getting to the KO final. LSG Raiders were in a title race in the Wigan League division 3 when on March 16th Covid 19 hit the table tennis world. Unfortunately that was that and we still haven't got back to match TT. Training was cancelled and then the news of the Mill was to close due too the fire escape being unsafe, this issue is still not resolved but work is now underway. With January 2021 not looking any brighter we may be back at Easter one year after closing. The club also lost two of it's members to the dreaded C word (cancer) Martin Machin and LSG Crusader Captain Richard Reading both will be sadly missed.

With all whats gone on we can say 2020 was a bad year. The club is strong and I'm sure we will be back soon better and bigger.

please leave a Christmas message for members to read.

All the best to you all.

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