Booking for training

On a brighter note I have secured training at Leigh Miners for 2 and half hours on Monday and Wednesday nights, there will be 2 x 1 hour training sessions each evening accommodating 6 people per session. First session will run from 7-10pm o'clock to 8 -10pm and the second session 8.25pm to 9.25pm on both nights. This will be made by booking only, to book go too the booking page check times and days are available and fill in the booking form. If you want to book for two people just fill in the form twice with the different details. You are only allowed one session in the week. All players need to arrive on time and leave on time. The Leigh miners will be locked and only opened 5 minutes before and locked again 5 minutes after the start time. All players attending must abide by all the cleaning / PPE rules.

Make sure you check the date / time table for availability first this is under the booking form.

Thanks Chris

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